Remote Control

You live nowhere near Sacramento but you have a legal issue here. How would that work?  Some common reasons people, who live elsewhere, hire us to do legal work are: 1) mom/dad/relative/friend died in the Sacramento area and you need a probate attorney here to handle that for you and 2) your mom/dad/relative/friend lives here and you want them to hire a local attorney to handle their estate planning affairs before they die. In either case we are well suited to help you!

First thing’s first… does this attorney you might hire, remotely, have the legal knowledge and experience to take care of your legal needs.   In my case I am a Certified Specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law which means I took a second bar exam only in these areas of law. Also, I have been rated “AV” by Martindale Hubbell ( which is the highest rating they offer.  Lastly, I have thousands of satisfied clients I have helped! Ok, check that off and move to the second important issue….

Besides legal knowledge and experience the next biggest issue when hiring an attorney is communication!  That is, will your attorney reply to your phone calls, emails, faxes and letters in a timely fashion?  I pride myself on being extremely fast to return all communications.  Often email is best as I can reply when my meeting ends without trading voice mails. However, I am good to communicate by whatever medium you prefer.

When a client contacts me I typically reply within 1-2 hours.  Occasionally I have back to back to back meetings making it impossible to reply that fast but that is very rare.  Test it out… go send me an email right now on the email link. I’ll reply fast I promise!  Likewise, I keep lines of communication with opposing counsel and/or the Court up to aid in your case moving faster!  My goal is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and contact is a very big part of that.

Lastly, I have clients throughout the world so am used to dealing with remote issues.  Luckily FedEx, email and the ease of scanning/printing documents has made national and even international legal representation really easy! In fact, it really does not matter if you are down the street or in a far flung corner of the world… I can communicate with you and get the documents done quickly!

For example, I have represented a woman in Romania the last couple of years. Her dad died in Sacramento and she wanted me to monitor his probate proceedings and ensure she got her inheritance.   Using email, the scanner and DHL shipping we were always able to quickly get documents for filing within days. The distance really was not an issue.

I have a case with an attorney in San Francisco right now and he does not even use email.  No that’s not a joke. I have to send him faxes.  Fax machines are almost as obsolete as the typewriter. I know you young kids don’t even know what that is do you!?  Ask your parents… or grandparents!

The bottom line is if you are looking to hire an attorney remotely find someone knowledgeable as well as someone who can communicate with the modern technologies.  I am here, ready, willing and able to serve as your remote control attorney!


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