My mom died in Sacramento….

I get this call a lot. “My mom died in Sacramento and I need help!”  Often the caller or emailer grew up in Sacramento but left and never returned. However, mom and dad stayed behind.  Often dad died a few years ago and now mom moved on. These clients do not live here anymore, often do not have reliable contacts here, and thus are left with the Internet to find their attorney.  The lucky ones find me!

I have become a specialist in helping people, living around the world, who lost a loved one in California… often right here in Sacramento or Roseville my main stomping grounds. However, I can efficiently conduct probates throughout California.

Often mom owned a modest house, maybe a car, and sometimes a few dollars in the bank.  My new client’s goal is to settle the estate with as little trouble, as few (or zero) cases to California, and as quickly as possible. That’s where an attorney like me comes into play. I know what needs to happen and when it needs to happen to keep a probate moving, sell the real estate, take care of the taxes, deal with the creditors, and get the client their money! I not only know what is needed but I have contacts throughout the state to make everything happen quickly and smoothly.

I usually can get the initial documents filed in court within 72 hours of first contact and often same day (if you are local). Call me to discuss your probate case in Sacramento, Placer, San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Solano, Yolo, or any other county in California!


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