California Carbon Monoxide Law

I know this is off topic but it caught me by surprise so thought I would tell you. My neighbor works in the construction industry; building bridges and stuff. He recently told us about this new law which, as of July 1, 2011, required us to have a carbon monoxide detector in our house. I, the know-it-all lawyer, said that couldn’t be.  I was sure it applied only to rental properties or only when you sell your house. However, guess what? The bridge builder knows more than the lawyer about the law in this case.

It basically applies to all existing single-family homeowners that have fossil-fuel burning appliances, fireplaces and/or attached garages.  The law requires a carbon monoxide detector must be installed in these homes immediately.

I scoured the internet and there are a few different ways you could be discovered to be in violation of the law:

1) When inspector at house if you need a building permit;

2) Upon re-finance of house;

3) Upon law enforcement being in your house for some reason;

4) Upon sale.

It appears you have 30 days to fix or face a fine. However, why not go get one and be done with it!? I am going to Home Depot this weekend!

Oh ya, they are supposed to outside sleeping rooms so you might need more than 1 for your house depending on the layout.

Back to wills, trusts and probate with my next post I promise!

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