California Probate Code

As you saw yesterday I want to try and blog about more of the California probate code section in coming days, weeks and months. There are so many incredible sections full of information there. Ok, let me back up a little bit. My parents were both attorneys. My dad was so into being an attorney that on vacations we would drop him at the law library or Court house for his “fun” while mom and I went to Disneyland or something really FUN.

As I get older I still prefer Disneyland to the law library but I can see why he was fascinated by the law. There are often cases where I am dealing with a unique situation. One that hasn’t come up between 1994 (when I started practicing in the area of wills, trusts and probate) and now. A first time issue. I have done over 500 probate cases in California and still can be confronted by a new issue. Where do I turn?  The California probate code has so many unique situations already laid out. Really, the legislators have thought of almost everything and put it down in the book.

Beyond that we have case law and I will try to be better about blogging about all the amazing California cases that have come down to interpret the laws related to wills, estates, trusts, probate and related matters here in California.  It’s amazing to see one case build on another, on another, on another as the years go on.

Of course there are still some gray areas where the written probate code and the established California case law do not answer the issue. That’s where us probate lawyers come into play to figure out what the best answer is.

If there is a probate code section you want to hear about let

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