Professional Fiduciaries

Last week I had a professional fiduciary named as Administrator in one of my probate cases here at the Sacramento county probate Court.  Professional fiduciaries are a great choice to serve as administrator when there is fighting, or potential fighting, between family members. They are licensed by the state and can be bonded. In fact, there is […]

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Sign Your Estate Planning Documents

I have two clients coming in this afternoon… hopefully I might add… to sign their estate plans. In both instances it has been over a year since we first met. Life is busy we all know but, in the end, there is no good excuse for not getting your estate plan done. In both cases […]

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California Probate Code

As you saw yesterday I want to try and blog about more of the California probate code section in coming days, weeks and months. There are so many incredible sections full of information there. Ok, let me back up a little bit. My parents were both attorneys. My dad was so into being an attorney […]

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Guardians of the Person and Estate

Just a quickie about the importance of doing your will and always appointing guardians for the person and estate of any minors. I met with a young woman this morning who recently divorced her husband. The thought of her ex being involved is something she wants to avoid. We talked about the guardian of the […]

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California Probate Code 850

Did you know lawyers sometimes sit around and just think about the law!? Ok, well this lawyer does anyway. Probate Code 850 (in full below) is one of my favorites. It’s one of the most used tools we have in the trust administration world. Just look at the words of who can file a petition […]

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California Carbon Monoxide Law

I know this is off topic but it caught me by surprise so thought I would tell you. My neighbor works in the construction industry; building bridges and stuff. He recently told us about this new law which, as of July 1, 2011, required us to have a carbon monoxide detector in our house. I, […]

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