Wills and Trusts Before Trips

My wife and I are going on a vacation for the long weekend and I, being a human, thought about my will and trust.  Mostly my will as that is where the guardian of our kids is named. I know, I know it’s not too likely that the plane is going to go down but when you go out of town without the kids you think about it!

In fact, I have had many many clients over the years stop at my office the week of, the day before, or even on the way to the airport. Irrational fears though they may be most of us have them.

Rather than wait until your next trip review and update your will, trust, powers of attorney, medical directive, guardianship clauses, and other California estate planning items NOW!

If you want information on wills and trusts go to my will v. trust article on our main page athttps://californiaprobate.info/willtrust.htm

For more information about California wills, trusts, probate and trust administration please contact me directly or visit our website at www.californiaprobate.info

– John

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