This is my first official blog, I mean blawog, link to my Facebook account so my apologies if you are not interested in hearing aboutCaliforniaprobate, trust and estate planning.  I like to think it’s a topic relevant to everybody.  I mean, it will happen to most of us some day….  icon smile Blawgging

I have been blogging, on these topics, for two years and get modest levels of traffic on my blog site, I am hoping that some of my FB friends will be find some of the topics interesting enough to click through to, read and forward to others.

Or if you know you are not interested you can look the other way anytime you see that big picture of my grill looking at you from your Facebook page.  As that picture will be used to denote my blog posts… assuming I get the settings right on this thing.

If any of you have specific questions aboutCaliforniaestate planning, probate or trust law let me know. I would be happy to make it into a blog post (with names removed of course).


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