California Heggstad Petition

I have blogged several times before about the California Heggstad petition. It’s a way to get an asset into a trust after death without going through a full probate. However, I had to think about it how many different ways I have seen people ask about this petition? The official case, that generated the “law” is called THE ESTATE OF HEGGSTAD.  I pronounce it “heg-stad” but I have heard other similar pronunciations. However, let’s see how many ways we can write it: heggstad, hegstead, heggstead, hogshead, hegstid, hodgested, hagstead, hagsted, hegsted, hegstand, hegstan, hedgehog, hedgeand, hedgestad, hedgestead and how many more can we list!?  Let me know if you have any thoughts on names for this. Also, let me know if you have questions on this great law whatever you call it!


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