Planes, trains, and… California living trusts

As I am going on my first helicopter ride today I thought I would mention that if you have a helicopter, or a plane, or a big boat, or anything else like that it should most likely be titled in your California living trust.  The DMV has easy procedures, after death, to transfer cars to your loved one.  However, many other vessels have more difficult procedures. This is because there are often other agencies involved.  With planes you might be registered in California (or a more tax friendly state) and also with the FAA. Make sure your plane is properly titled or connected to the trust with each agency. Likewise if you have a boat “condo” dock those should be in your trust too. Obviously, this is just general information and your specific situation needs to be addressed with your estate planning attorney. For more information about California wills, trusts and estate planning visit our website at


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