Client Service

This has little to do with California estate planning, trust law or probate. However, I just spent 15 minutes on a live chat with the Comcast “customer service” people dealing with a really trivial issue. The person was not trying to solve my problem but rather putting up blockades.  Though we are a law firm we are a business and #1 in our business is our clients.  This means when you call or email us we are going to take care of YOU, we are going to listen to your needs and we are going to try and solve your needs as quickly as possible.  If I ever heard of an employee treating a customer like this Comcast employee just did they would be severely reprimanded… if not terminated on the spot.  At Meissner, Joseph & Palley, Inc. we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients as you are our life blood.  If you are a client already call us and ask us to do something. If you aren’t a client yet call us and schedule an appointment. Let us show you how we treat our clients!  As always if you have any questions about California wills, trusts and probate please contact me.  I can’t always help but I will give you the courtesy of a reply and do my best to help you out.  -John

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