Get your probate filed

I was recently contacted by a new client who had been trying to get an attorney to file their mom’s probate case for several months. For some reason the attorney has continually delayed getting it done for these people. Most people want to get the probate finished, right? There are two main reasons: 1) the money is not disbursed from your California probate until it’s done and 2) they want to put the death of their loved one behind them and stop being reminded of it every day.  For these, and many other, reasons I like to get probates started soon after death. The sooner you start THE SOONER YOU FINISH!

The probate process in California is 7 months minimum but there is basically no maximum. Thus it is in everybody’s best interest to get the probate process going!

I think working with a qualified California Probate Lawyer is important. Our offices are in the state Capitol of California, Sacramento, but we perform probates throughout California. Contact me, John Palley, so we can discuss your probate case.


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