Now is the TIME to plan!

I have stated before that people have excuses for not preparing their estate plan throughout the year.  Early year it’s “let me get my self organized for the new year and/or pay for the holidays.”  Then it’s, “let’s talk after April 15th.”  So it goes throughout the year until mid-November when apparently the whole world has to stop because of “the holidays.” However, last time I checked people die pretty evenly throughout the year. People get in car crashes throughout the year.  Other stuff happens throughout the year. In fact, I would say winter is probably a time when there are more unexpected deaths due to cold weather, slipping on ice, slippery roads, more people traveling, etc….  However, it’s always, “let’s talk first of the year.”  I already have a few planning appointments made the first week of January for clients who are too busy until then.

How about you make an EARLY new year’s resolution and start your estate plan NOW. In fact, we can still get your plan done THIS YEAR if you start now.  Why not!? It’s not that difficult.  Come in this week and we will talk about you, your family and your assets. I will get you a rough draft next week, you’ll review it and get back to me with questions, and then we can sign it the following week. We can be done before mid-December!

Contact me to set up an appointment and get your California estate plan started by a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate law!


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