California Probate Forms

The California probate process is very form driven. However, it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, quite the contrary.  Many of the forms are state mandated on what are called Judicial Council Forms.  Many others are county specific and available at the county Court house. Still others are drafted by the attorney and specific for each case.  Below is a list of some of the forms you might encounter during the probate process. Let me know if you have questions.  -John

Allowance or Rejection of Creditor’s Claim DE-174
Application for Employer Identification Number – IRS Form SS-4
Bond Application
Citation (Probate) and Proof of Service DE-122
Confidential Supplement to Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative DE-147S
Creditor’s Claim DE-172
Declaration of Final Discharge
Declination to Serve as Executor
Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative DE-147
Ex Parte Petition for Approval of Sale of Personal Property and Order DE-275
Ex Parte Petition for Authority to Sell Securities and Order DE-270
First and Final Report (Accounting or Waiver of Accounting)
Inventory and Appraisal Attachment DE-161
Inventory and Appraisal DE-160
Letters DE-150
Letters to life insurance companies, brokers, banks, and other financial institutions
Notice of Administration to Creditors DE-157
Notice of Hearing DE-120
Notice of Petition to Administer Estate DE-121
Notice of Proposed Action (Objection-Consent) DE-165
Notice to California Department of Health Care Services (“Medi-Cal”)
Notice to California Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”)
Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem – Probate DE-351
Order Confirming Sale of Real Property DE-265
Order Determining Succession to Real Property (Probate)  DE-315
Order for Probate DE-140
Order of Final Discharge
Order Prescribing Notice DE-200
Order Settling First and Final Account
Order signed by Court terminating Executor’s responsibility and liability
Petition for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem – Probate DE-350
Petition for Probate DE-111
Petition for Settlement of First and Final Account, for Final Distribution, and Fixing and Allowing Compensation
Petition to Determine Succession to Real Property (Estates $150,000 or Less) DE-310
Proof of Holographic Instrument DE-135
Proof of Subscribing Witness DE-131
Receipt on Distribution
Report of Sale and Petition for Order Confirming Sale of Real Property DE-260
Request for Certified Copies of Death Certificate
Request for Special Notice DE-154
Spousal Property Order DE-226
Spousal Property Petition DE-221
Summons (Probate) DE-125
Waiver of Accounting by Distributee
Waiver of Accounting by Sole Distributee
Waiver of Compensation by Executor or Administrator
Waiver of Notice of Proposed Action DE-166

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