Put it in writing

Did you know you can WRITE YOUR OWN WILL?  Yes, really.  Yes, it’s legally valid, at least in my state of California.  You want to write a will today? Let’s do it right NOW!

1) Go grab a nice pen and a piece of paper.

2) In YOUR OWN WRITING write something to show it is clearly your will. Maybe something like, “I, _______, write this as my last will….”

3) Write who the Executor should be.  Something like, “I choose _______ to be my Executor and if they aren’t able to do it then I want _______ to serve in that capacity.”

4) Write who gets your stuff but keep it simple.  Something like, “I want my assets distributed as follows:

25% to my son Bob and if dies before me to his children

25% to the Placer SPCA

25% to my neighbor Jill if then living

25% to WEAVE.”

5) Sign it.

6) Date it.

7) Put it in a safe place!

Obviously this should not be your permanent estate plan but if you are about to jump on a plane and want something this is better than nothing. Once you get back from your trip call me and let’s get you in for a more complete estate plan!


P.S. This simple plan does NOT avoid probate of course. Again, it’s only a short term fix until you have time to get something more formal put together.

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