Calendar Notes

Calendar notes or probate notes or tentative rulings or whatever else they may be called are the Court’s preliminary findings after reviewing a filed probate petition.  They sometimes are easy to read and sometimes require interpretation.  An experienced California probate attorney can handle it!

Each Court has different procedures but most Courts now post notes on-line anywhere between a day and 21+ days ahead of the hearing.  These notes will often explain what is needed, if anything, to be approved on the given Court date.

If it says “RFA” or recommended for approval or pre-approved or other such tag then you know you are probably good to go on your Court date. The Judge will sign the order. On the other hand if the notes indicate things are “needed” then clarification is required to be given. Sometimes this can be given orally in Court, sometimes by email to Court staff and sometimes by a formal written reply.

Again, an experienced California probate attorney knows what to do!

If you need help with your calendar notes let me know.  -John

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