Martin Luther King’s Will

Today is the day we, in the United States, commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King.  I was interested in what his estate plan said and so I googled “martin luther king’s will.”  It came up with an article from today. I thought to myself, “wow, I hadn’t heard about it in the next but maybe there is an issue….”  Well, no it turns out the article was referring to “will” in the other context. More in the context of determination and discipline rather than a written document that says where your assets should go when you die.

However, let’s learn from Dr. King!  Let’s use some determination and discipline and get a WILL prepared! It’s showing love to yourself and your loved ones when you take this action. It also is showing that you would rather there be less taxes, less court costs and less attorney fees.

I have a dream… and it’s a dream that everybody will get a properly produced California estate plan put together!


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