Probate is not a 4 letter word

The word probate is seen as a bad word. It’s something to be avoided. It’s awful. It’s a tax. It’s this and it’s that.  It is what it is… a necessary process for those that didn’t do better planning before death. That’s all. It’s not the end of the world. It’s an unnecessary cost. Yes money goes to the government but not the whole estate. It’s not a tax though an attorney generally gets a very small percentage of the assets for their work (just like a Realtor gets for selling your house).

In my mind the probate process in California is what it is. If you don’t plan before you die your family will go through probate. When it’s done right it’s only seven months (not years) and the cost is around 3% (not 10 or 20 as some think).

Plus remember that in some cases probate can help to reduce creditors, provide a place for fighting relatives to settle their differences, and give full closure.

Let me show you how easy probate can be when it’s done right!  -John

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