Sign your estate plan

Every few months I go through my active files and send letters to the people that have been procrastinating about getting their estate plan done. I remind them that:


This is really true though. Your chosen guardian for your minor children is ineffective and you could be exposing your kids to a courthouse battle over who would have custody!  Your chosen executor and trustee is not chosen and instead the state order of priority will prevail; which may or may not be what you want. Your chosen beneficiaries might watch as the state decides who gets your money. There could be significant taxes incurred by not signing your estate plan. Lastly, you will go through PROBATE!

All of this, and more, can be avoided by simply signing your estate plan. I realize people are also trying to perfect their choices, optimize their assets, finish this or that, but let’s sign it and then make changes!

As a special accommodation to all estate planning clients I do not charge for changes to a new estate plan during the first year. So you can sign your will, trust, powers of attorney and other documents and then update it later for no additional charge!

Let’s get it done!  -John

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