Step Family Estate Planning

There are many different ways to plan an estate when there are “his kids” and ”her kids.”  Sometimes people make it even more confusing and add in “their kids.”  There are many options for how to plan but planning for these blended families can not be by a computer program, a paralegal or an inexperienced attorney. You need an expert. You need an attorney with years of experience.

On top of the issues that everybody faces: avoiding probate, minimizing taxes, holding assets in trust for needy adult children, protecting assets from your kids divorcing, etc… there are issues of “I want to take care of my spouse… but also my kids.”  Or, “I love my wife but I really don’t like her kids….”  I have heard many more similar statements as I have been an estate planning lawyer since 1994. Let’s meet so we can discuss YOUR SITUATION as each situation is unique.

Failure to properly plan can be devastating to any family.  With a blended family the results can be even worse if you don’t plan!

Contact me to discuss YOUR FAMILY and how we can plan for the future. Set my Credentials at the About Us Section.


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