Airport Estate Planning

I actually have clients stop to see me on the way to the airport! Yes, really. On the way to the airport they stop to sign their new estate plan or amendments to their current estate plan. What if you don’t have time to stop? What if you are at SMF or any other airport in California and want to do your new will RIGHT NOW!?  What if you are a hotel and your husband just said to you, “honey, we really should have updated our wills before we left… what if my brother Mark became guardian of our kids!?”  Well, grab a piece of paper and a pen and do as follows IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING.  Then date it, sign it, and put it in a safe place!

I, ______________________ [insert your name] write this last will and testament.

I give all my property to my spouse at my death. If they aren’t alive I give it to _________________ .

I nominate ___________________ to be the Executor of my will. If they aren’t available I nominate _______________________ .

I appoint ____________________ to be the guardian of the estate and person for my children. If they aren’t available I appoint __________________ .




Of course this is a TEMPORARY solution. It works but it’s not ideal. A better solution is to hire a licensed and experienced California estate planning attorney and get a professionally prepared estate plan.  Contact me with questions.


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