Clearing Title To Timeshares

I am contacted frequently by people who need to clear title to a timeshare after death. Typically the timeshare is in mom and/or dad’s name but mom and dad are now deceased. The timeshares are often with Marriott, Wyndham, Starwood, and many other such timeshare companies. They are in often in places like San Diego, Lake Tahoe and Newport Beach. That is, California timeshares!

I offer a special service to clients when a timeshare is the only asset that needs to be cleared after death. That is, when everything else is properly in a trust typically. I will prepare and take care of the small estate paperwork to clear title via California Probate Code 13200.  With the new law the timeshare can be worth up to $50,000!

Also, if mom and/or dad are still alive let’s get the timeshare put into a living trust NOW to avoid the hassle after death.

Failure to have a title in a trust can create a lot of problems after death. In fact, in some cases the timeshare is just a liability after death. However, failure to clear title can create an on-going liability for a deceased person’s estate.

The key is plan ahead for your timeshare and all other assets!

Contact me with questions.  -John

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