Estate Planning Basics – Come to the First Meeting Ready

I always tell clients they can just bring themselves to the first estate planning meeting. I tell them they probably have all the information I need to know in their heads already.  However, if you want to make sure you are ready for that first meeting here are FIVE important things to think about before the first meeting with your California estate planning lawyer.

1) Who will be guardian (and a back up or two) of your kids?  That is, physical control and custody of your kids should you die before they turn 18.

2) Who should manage your finances when you can no longer do so?  That is, by death or incapacity, when you can’t handle your financial affairs who should step in.

3) Who gets your assets when you die? I am talking about the big stuff like your home, bank accounts, etc….

4) Who gets your personal property when you die?

5) Who will make your medical choices for you when you no longer can do so?

Yes, there are many more but these 5 will get you heading in the right direction!

Make sure you hire a licensed and EXPERIENCED California estate planning attorney to assist you!


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