Estate Planning Documents

I am going to take two minutes and list every estate planning vehicle I have helped clients with since 1994:

Revocable trusts (aka: living trusts or loving trusts);

Wills (aka: pour over wills or simple wills);

Testamentary trusts;

Irrevocable life insurance trusts;

Educational trusts;

Qualified personal residence trusts (QPRT);

Durable powers of attorney;

Immediate powers of attorney;

Advanced medical directive (aka: living will or power of attorney for medical);

Certified extract of trust (aka: abstract of trust or trust summary);

Hippa release;

Quitclaim deed;

Grant deed;

Grantor retained annuity trust (aka: GRAT);

Charitable Remainder Trust (aka: CRT);

Family Limited Partnership (aka: FLP);

Family limited liability company (aka: LLC);

General transfer (aka: general assignment);

Assignment of interest;

Bank letters;

Beneficiary designations;

my time is up….

Let me know if I can help you with anything on this list!  -John

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