The Simplest Will

A simple will, or last will and testament, can really be simple.  It can distribute your personal property, real property, name a guardian for your minor children, name an executor for your estate and mention your last wishes for cremation or burial.  Everybody who has anything should have a will at least!

You are running out the door to the airport for an important business trip and realize you want your significant other to receive your other if you die. That is because you are not married and thus they are not your natural bounty in the eyes of the law. You don’t have time to call an attorney. You don’t even have time for an on-line form program. You are stuck. You will not have a will… but wait there is an answer!

A holographic, or handwritten, will is 100% legal in California.  Go grab a piece of paper and start writing your wishes!  Make it clear it’s intended to  be a will.  Something like this:

This is my last will and testament.

I revoke all previous wills.

I give all my property, of any kind, to ______________________ .

I name _________________________ as Executor of my will.

Then sign your name and date it.

Then give the original to your significant other or other trusted person. It’s important to not lose the original “wet” ink version so make sure they put it in a safe place.

Is this as good as an attorney drafted will? No, of course not. It is more susceptible to attack but it is a 100% binding legal document and can be probated in California!

Good luck!


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