What’s a Probate – The 5 W’s

Who should do your probate? What’s a probate? Where do you probate?  When do you probate?  Why a probate? How do you probate?

Let’s start with what’s a probate:  It is simply the Court administered process or clearing title to assets and paying debts after death.

Where do you probate: A probate in California is done at the California Superior Court.  Most counties have a probate division.

When do you probate: You probate a person’s assets after death.

Why a probate: The decedent left assets or liabilities that need to be dealt with.

How do you probate: It’s a 7 month (minimum) process that involves a lot of filings with the Court and other places.

Who should you hire: Well, me of course!  Seriously though, you should hire someone who is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law.

Contact me with questions!  -John

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