Transferring Planes Trains and Automobiles after death

How best to transfer a car after death? Own it in a trust? Joint ownership?  Transfer on death? Or just let your loved ones fill out DMV forms for transfer without probate? There are a lot of options.

1) Owning in Trust:  Owning a car in a trust is very cumbersome.  The forms required to get a car into a trust are many and thus not the best option for most people.

2) Joint Ownership: It’s easy to add a second person to the title but then as a part owner your car becomes their car should they have a creditor problem.

3) Transfer on Death: The DMV has a form that you can fill out to designate a beneficiary to receive your car after death. There is a $10 fee for filing the form but it’s a good option.

4) Transfer without Probate: The DMV has forms to complete, 40 days after death, to transfer a car. They are not that cumbersome and are commonly used.

5) Probate: In some cases you have no option but to include the car in a full probate.

Let’s chat about your options!  -John

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