When is Letters not a Letter?

“I need letters?”

“What is a letter of testamentary?”

“Why can’t I get letters of administration?”

“Where do I get letters testamentary?”

“How much does it cost to get letters testamentary?”

“Does the attorney write the letters testamentary?”

All of these are questions I have heard… and I could go on.  ”Letters” is simply the most important document in a California probate. It is THE document that allows the Executor or Administrator to stand in the decedent’s shoes and take care of business.

Letters “of Administration” or used when there is no will or the executor named in the will does not want to server.  ”Letters testamentary” are used when the executor named in the will is serving as executor, or “personal representative” or “personal rep” or “PR.”

Letters are typically issued at the first court date assuming everything has been done right.

You need letters for a California probate?  Contact me to discuss.


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