Efficient California Probate Tips

Efficient probate in California means SEVEN MONTHS start to finish. It just takes that long. How can you help keep things moving?

1) Hire an efficient attorney!  I generally can do the initial probate documents the first day I meet with you but certainly within 24 hours.

2) If there is a will find the original. If you can’t find it then get the process started with a photocopy of the will. It’s not as good but usually we can make it work.

3) Prepare a list of all possible assets. We can do some research and are happy to send letters to any and all possible asset holders.

4) Make a list of all possible creditors.  Having this list will enable us to send out the creditors notice in a timely fashion and then negotiate within creditors that file a claim.

5) Ask questions!  If you have questions ask right away. Don’t wait. If you and your attorney communicate frequently throughout the probate process your case will end on time!

For more tips for making your California probate experience as pleasurable as possible contact me.  -John

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