Estate planning and Tupac Shakur

I just read a great article on Forbes that connects estate planning with the Tupac Shakur concert last week at Cochella.  That is the use of Tupac’s hologram to perform on stage with Dr. Dre and Snoop.  If this trend takes off can you imagine the increased royalties for celebs like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?  I would have to guess their estates got a break on estate taxes by the IRS not thinking of this possibility!  I can just picture the IRS agent back then saying, “well, we can get them for future royalties on CDs but they won’t be having any more concerts will he…., ha, ha, ha.”

Well, it looks like Tupac and other dead, or probably dead, celebrities will get the last laugh. Check out the article on if interested in hearing the whole story.

Forbes article link.

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