Nevada Trusts for California Residents

I do a lot of work with high net worth families and individuals who like the idea of paying less tax when they die. Right now there is an incredible opportunity and that opportunity could expire at the end of the year. Right now each of us can give away $5.12m tax free. Yes, of course, you have to have the money but assuming you do than this article is for you.  The key to taking advantage of this gift tax exemption is by making a large gift. However, you don’t want to just give the money away do you!?  Instead you want to find a way to give it away, keep some control, and most importantly AVOID TAX!  My law school classmate, Steve Oshins, has been responsible for writing laws in Nevada which help capitalize on the current gift exemption and take it further! That is by establishing a Nevada self-settled trust you, and your loved ones, can get benefits that will last for hundreds of years. Here is a great article written by Steve’s firm.  LINK.

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