Think, Sign, Think, and sign again….

You need to think and maybe even talk to your loved ones before you meet with your California estate planning attorney. That is, do you want to be cremated or buried?  Do you want your son, your daughter, or BOTH to be your trustee?  Who should make medical decisions for you when you cant?  The list goes on.

Though you want to think before you sign don’t over-think.  If you can get your plan 90% “right” for you that’s probably much better than having no written plan.  This is especially true in second marriages, “his kids”/”her kids” situations and other cases.  Get something in writing and then tweak it.

I give my clients one year, after they sign, to come back in and make changes for NO CHARGE!  It’s like a one year “warranty” if you will.  Sign your documents, think about changes, and if you want to make changes come on back for free amendments or new documents as we decide is better. It’s no problem and part of the service I provide to all my clients.

Let’s talk about YOU!  -John

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