Title Company Comfort Letter in Probate Real Estate Sales

In every California probate case, where there is a real estate sale, the title company will require the California probate lawyer to prepare a “comfort” letter. This is of course for the title company’s comfort and not yours! In any event this is a sample comfort letter:

 ABC Title Company
1234 Main Street


           Re:       Property Address: 2030 Any Street,Roseville,CA95661
                       Estate of: Betsy Smith
                       Escrow # if known:


Dear Title Company:


I am the attorney for Bob Smith the Executor of the estate of his late mother Betsy Smith.


Enclosed is a copy of the Notice of Proposed Action we sent out on this matter.  No objections have been received at this time.


 Also enclosed are certified Court Letters, per your request.  My client is the acting personal representative and that authority has not been revoked.


The TIN for the estate is ___________________.  There are no estate taxes due and payable or if any there are sufficient assets to satisfy them.


Please mail me a copy of the final closing statement.


Please make the check payable to  the Estate  Betsy Smith and send to my office.  I will make sure it gets deposited into the estate bank account.


I am also sending you a copy of the Parent/Child Exclusion form, the original of which will be, or has been, filed with the Assessor’s Office.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.




                                                                        Meissner, Joseph & Palley, Inc.
                                                                        By: John B. Palley, Esquire
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