Fridays are made for ESTATE PLANNING

Fridays are made for ESTATE PLANNING… and so are, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday….  Yes, I realize all the other days are good too but Friday is especially good because:

1) It’s TODAY

2) It’s a day a lot of people are at work and maybe not feeling like doing real work so taking care of one’s personal business can get done.

It’s more important than checking for updates on Facebook, the latest stock quotes, the box scores from last night’s game and just about anything else we do. Taking care of our estate planning by creating a revocable trust, power of attorney for financial, medical power, general transfer, HIPPA release, certified extract of trust, quitclaim deed, bank transfer letters and all the rest! It’s all important and TODAY is a great day to do it!

Plus, maybe you want to hear how a life insurance trust works to create tax free AND creditor protected assets for your family!?

Let’s chat TODAY about your future and the future of your family!


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