Leaving your assets to charity after death

I am meeting with a client to sign her trust and other California estate planning documents later today. She has no close relatives so instead is leaving her estate to about 10 different non-profit organizations. Medical research, animals, and educational institutions for this woman. She has a connection to each organization and she is genuinely excited about choosing the charities to receive her estate. On the other hand when she spoke of her family she spoke with disdain. Why leave them anything she asked me!? “They don’t even come to visit me!?” I didn’t try to argue with her but instead just listened. I was happy to write her will and trust to match her charitable wishes and am excited to help her sign the documents. Plus, having no close family she wants me involved after her death to give the money to the charities. That’s great for me as I get to feel like a generous person helping the charities! If you want to talk about your estate plan and your charitable wishes find a qualified California estate planning attorney.

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