Who do you TRUST?

Who do you TRUST to be your trustee? Trust is in all caps for a reason… the person, or company, you select as trustee of your trust better be REALLY TRUSTWORTHY.  They will control your assets when you die of course… but also, generally, when you are incapacitated.  Yes, they will have your bank accounts, stock accounts, bonds, real estate and all other assets in THEIR CONTROL.  So I ask again, who do you TRUST to be your trustee?  There are many options for who can serve as a trustee. Here are some common possibilities to consider, in no particular order:

– HIGHLY trustworthy family or friend;

– Private professional fiduciary (pfac-pro.org);

– Banks or corporate trustees;

– CPAs, attorneys or other professionals.

There are probably other options but these are the most common. Again, however, make sure you TRUST your trustee before selecting them to be trustee of your trust or executor of your will!

If you want to talk about the options and how they will apply to your estate please let me know.


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