Probate Timeline

Probate takes seven months minimum in California. Can be longer but a full California probate will not be shorter than 7 months. Let me explain….

Let’s hypothetically say we meet today, June 26, 2012, to sign your probate documents.

I often file documents within 24 hours of the initial meeting so let’s say we file it in Court, June 26, 2012.

Your first Court date is likely to be about 6 weeks out so that will be approximately August 15, 2012.

That starts the four months probate period. This is when property is sold, creditors dealt with, taxes paid, etc….

That period ends approximately December 15th.

Assuming we planned ahead we can file the final probate petition on that day, December 15th.

Our final Court date will be about 6 weeks later, roughly late January or first week of February.

Checks are cut that day!

7 months start to finish!

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