Is your attorney looking after you 24/7/365?

I work, at least a little bit, even when on vacation. Today, for example, my family and I played in the ocean waters in the morning. Now we are hanging out and checking email. I have already replied to all client emails sitting in my inbox.  I find that my client’s like me to personally respond. Yes, I have experienced paralegals always on the ready but today is a holiday so the office is closed. However, I am still responding to client’s emails so they know their case is moving forward.

It’s rare that a probate case has an actual “emergency” but when they do I think my clients like to know I am here and ready to answer their questions, give them advice or even just give them a little pep talk.  This is my job and I take it seriously. Yes, I take my job of bonding with my family very seriously too but they know that I check email at least twice a day even when on vacation. It’s just what daddy does!

If you are looking to file a probate or have estate planning questions send me an email right now. Even on vacation I will reply the same day. When not on vacation I will reply much quicker as I check email between just about every client meeting.

If you want a responsive and efficient probate and estate planning attorney I do encourage you to contact my office today.

Likewise if you feel your current attorney is not as efficient or responsive as you would like I don’t mind jumping in mid-stream and seeing a case to the conclusion!

I look forward to hearing from you.  -John

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