Burial, cremation, organ donations and other personal issues

Estate planning with an experienced California estate planning lawyer is not just about the numbers.  We go beyond the numbers. We of course talk about guardianship issues so that your minor children would live in the home you most want them to live in and get there without a courtroom battle.  We talk about at what ages kids would inherit money. We talk about a lot of stuff that is not directly about money.   In addition to that we talk about burial, cremation, organ donations and other personal issues.

Some people have no preferences and that’s fine. However, some of you do. For those that do we want to help get it in writing to increase the chances that your wishes are carried out. Do you want to be cremated and have your ashes scattered at Lake Tahoe? Or maybe scattered at sea by the Neptune Society? Or maybe you want your body buried after a traditional Catholic funeral? Or maybe interred after a customary Jewish ceremony? Or you want Muslim traditions followed? Or… the list goes on.

Some people even tell me the songs they want played at their funeral.  Or the clergy member to lead it. One client event told me a few specific people who were not allowed at their funeral.

Whatever you want we can get those wishes in writing, typically in your will, to help ensure they get carried out right.

Talk to an experienced California estate planning attorney so that your plan is really YOUR plan!

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