What’s the best way to pay for legal services?

I am an attorney and I get paid for my work. Yes, I admit it.  You are a client and you know that you will have to pay to hire a lawyer. We both know that. However, what you might not know is that there are options for payment.

Yes there are some cases where my firm requires me to get a retainer up front before work is done. This is not the majority of cases though. In most cases there are options that are more flexible and that do not require you coming out of pocket with cash.

PAYMENT IN FULL PROBATE:  In full California probate cases typically we get paid at the end of the case after the Judge orders it so.  In some cases we get a retainer up front to cover out of pockets expenses, like the Court filing fee, but in some cases we can even front those. Thus, in most full probate cases you are paying little, or nothing, to get the case started. We don’t get paid until you get your inheritance and only when the Judge orders it!

FLAT FEE OPTIONS: In many cases, especially small estates, we offer flat fee payment options. As we do so much of this type of work we know exactly how much time it will take and exactly what costs we will incur. Thus we can usually offer a flat fee option that includes both fees and out of pocket costs and thus you just pay one amount.

DELAYED PAYMENT: Like most of us a lot of my clients have found the last few years to be challenging to their pocketbook. Their bank balances aren’t what they once were. I understand this.  We actually can create creative fee options, in some cases, where you don’t have to pay until the case is DONE and you have received payment. Each case is unique though so you will need to talk to John Palley, our lead probate attorney, to know what options are available to you.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Like most companies we prefer cash or checks. We do not give cash discounts but we certainly do prefer cash and checks. In some cases we can also accept credit card. Again, talk to us to discuss.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Yes, this is a business and we are here to make a profit. However, we will do everything we can to work with you on payment. We want to be your attorney and we will get creative so we can do it!

Contact us so we can talk about some payment options that will work for you and your case.

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