A wedding gift to your family is to update your estate plan

Many people get married, or often re-married, but are not interested in giving much of their estate to their new spouse. If you find yourself in that position you need to update your estate plan upon marriage. If you fail to update your estate plan upon marriage your new spouse will have an AUTOMATIC INTEREST in your estate; beit a will or a trust.  You do not have to give your new spouse anything but you have to acknowledge you are now married.

If you fail to do this your spouse will be entitled to 100% of your community property and either 1/3 or 1/2 of your separate property depending on how many children you have, or even the entire estate in some situations.  Thus it is imperative that you review your estate plan upon marriage.  Update it before marriage and then confirm it right after your nuptials.

I have personally seen cases involving millions of dollars where the newly wed failed to plan and huge problems ensue.

Contact your estate planning attorney and update now! If you need an attorney we can help!  -John

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