Basic Estate Planning is necessary for everybody

As an estate planning attorney, since 1994, I have met with a lot of perspective clients. I have helped thousands of families with my estate planning services. In all that time I think I am yet to meet someone that doesn’t need some type of estate planning document.  This is because estate planning is so much more than giving away your money. It’s also about naming a guardian for your kids, determining who will make health care choices for you, determining if you will remain on life support, determining if you will be cremated or not, and on and on the list goes.

If you have assets of low monetary value but they are important to you then a simple will is crucial. It will lay out who gets your treasures.

If you have no assets but care about not remaining on life support for a pro-longed period of time then you should have an Advanced Health Care Directive; sometimes called “Living Wills” or “Medical Power of Attorneys.”

If you want to make sure someone can take of your day to day financial, and quasi-financial, needs you should have a financial or “durable” power of attorney.

Talk to a qualified estate planning attorney to make sure your affairs are organized correctly!


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