Estate Planning Legacy Discussion – Random Points

Estate planning is on my brain just about 24/7 and 365. I occasionally give my brain a day off but not often. I thought today I would just post some discussion points or, to put another way, things you should be thinking about in regards to your own estate plan:

– How would you like your assets distributed when you are gone?

– Who will be the physical guardian of your kids?

– Who will take care of your kid’s money if they aren’t old enough?

– Do any of your heirs have special needs?

– Do any of your heirs receive governmental assistance of any kind?

– Would a random drug testing clause make sense for any of your heirs to protect them from themselves?

– Are there any charities, religious or educational organizations you want to benefit?

– Who’s the beneficiary of your 401k?

– What about the contingent beneficiary?

– Do you want to be on life support if you are in an irreversible coma?

– Do you have a business that needs to be included in your estate plan?

– Are there any advanced estate planning tools that you should consider?

The list goes on and on so get your plan started now with an estate planning professional!

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