Giving Thanks

The end of the year is often a time when I remind people to work on their estate planning now. Why now? Well, first and foremost your estate plan is for your loved ones; family, friends, charities. What better time to think about your loved ones than Thanksgiving and the end of year holiday season!? Also, why not get it done now so you don’t start the year with another item on your to-do list. Get it done NOW and you can start the new year with one less thing to do.

However, this year is special.  The incredible tax saving opportunities put in place in December of 2010 are set to expire December 31, 2012. That is, you can currently give away $5.12 million, TAX FREE, and that option goes away in a little over a month.  If you have assets take advantage NOW!

We are doing a lot of qualified personal residence trusts, family limited partnerships and LLCs (“FLPs” or “FLiPs”), life insurance trusts, children’s trusts and other vehicles. Take advantage now!

Contact me to discuss. -John

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