“Mr. Jefferson” in Court

Sherman Hemsley is deceased… and just like the Jefferson re-runs will go on forever… his probate case may also.  This is an interesting one and it clearly underscores the importance of a really good estate plan. Mr. Jefferson was a very successful businessman on the Jeffersons. My recollection is he made his money in the dry cleaning business. In fact, you may recall he was neighbors with bigoted Archie Bunker before he moved on up….

Fast forward 25 years and Mr. J is dead but a fight persists in probate Court!

His long time partner is battling against a brother who has come out of the woodwork and a distant cousin too.  No matter how successful a person may be that doesn’t mean they get a good estate plan.  He apparently died with a will but not a good one.

If you have family that may come out of the woodwork hire a good attorney and get your plan set up air tight!

Link to article on the Hemsley latest.

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