What to expect at your first meeting to discuss your estate planning

It can be overwhelming to some to hire an attorney. They don’t even know what will happen at the first meeting. Here are some thoughts so you know what to expect. A few steps:

– Pick up the phone and call us for an appointment.

– We can usually get you in for an appointment within a week and often within 24 hours.

– We have offices in Sacramento and Roseville so you pick what’s best for you.

– We treat our initial meetings as an opportunity to provide education. That is, education on the estate planning process and what will happen during the preparation of your customized estate plan.

– However, we don’t just give you generic education we give you education that is tailored for YOU! That is, we talk about the estate planning options but with your estate specific assets and family in mind.

– We want to give you guidance about you, your family, your assets so that you leave the initial meeting feeling that you learned a lot… whether you hire us or not.

– We will walk through the steps of the estate planning process so that you know what will happen.

– We will explain everything so that no surprises will come up.

Let us show you how easy the estate planning process can be!

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