We aren’t quite ready to finish….

“We aren’t quite ready to finish our estate plan yet….”

“We are waiting to finish one other thing first….”

“As soon as we finish our taxes we will get it done….”

“We want to see how our son behaves the next few months and then we’ll finish….”

Clearly no time is “perfect” for finishing an estate plan and getting your wills, trust, powers of attorney, deeds and other documents into place. However, many clients feel they can wait for all the stars to be aligned and then, and only then, can they finish their estate plan.

The problem is obvious… we don’t know when we are going to die. Stuff happens.

The key to estate planning is remembering that something is almost always better than nothing. It is a rare case that a family is better off with the current estate plan than a new and improved estate plan and there is certainly no case where the family is better off with no estate plan.

I encourage people to finish their estate plan by giving them free amendments for one year after signing. Change your mind all you want but let’s get the basics in place now!

Let me know if I can help you end the procrastination treadmill!  -John

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