Timeshares are liabilities that keep on going from generation to generation

Let me start by saying that I love timeshares. I enjoy staying at timeshares on vacations. You can meet many friendly people while BBQing your dinner, sitting by the pool, playing ping pong, or at some of the organized activities.  I also think they are fascinating from a business perspective. I like reading about the […]

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Continuances in Probate Court

Why do you or your lawyer sometimes want or need a continuance in your probate Court? There are some cases where a continuance is needed. For example, I am appearing today, via CourtCall, in Los Angeles Superior Court to ask for a continuance on a case.  The case is extremely complicated and we have not […]

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What’s a pretermitted heir?

I came across an interesting case lately that I thought I would share. Though the information will be a public record, in Court, I have modified the names, dates and particulars for privacy purposes.  Here are the facts: – Harold wrote a standard will (some call it a “simple will” or a “last will and […]

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Step-up in basis – The Basics

A person asked me the other day to explain the step-up in basis rules. This can be very complicated so I will digest down to the very basic elements. Let’s say dad buys a house for $25,000 in 1966.  Let’s say that house is now worth $300,000.  If dad sells the house while he is […]

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Changing The Mortgage from deceased’s name

A huge problem we have encountered more and more lately is changing the mortgage from the deceased’s name into the family’s name. That is cases such as two I have right now where the property is in the deceased spouse’s name. I can easily transfer the title of the house by a spousal property petition. […]

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