Holding trust property in joint tenancy

Can it be done?  Can property be held in trust AND in joint tenancy?  Your lawyer told you it can’t be done, right?  Tell them to review California Civil Code section 683(a). 683. (a) A joint interest is one owned by two or more persons in equal shares, by a title created by a single […]

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Protecting your digital assets

INTRODUCTION Protecting your digital assets isn’t talk about by most attorneys. However, it should be!  In some cases your digital assets are of extreme value; either monetarily or for sentimental reasons. Make sure your estate planning attorney discusses this with you! THE PROBLEM The most common problems with digital assets is ACCESS. You are alive […]

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Federal AFRs October 2013

Here is the latest from the IRS for the AFR (applicable federal rates) for October 2013. REV. RUL. 2013-21 TABLE 2 Adjusted AFR for October 2013 Period for Compounding Annual Semiannual Quarterly Monthly Short-term adjusted AFR .32% .32% .32% .32% Mid-term adjusted AFR 1.78% 1.77% 1.77% 1.76% Long-term adjusted AFR 3.50% 3.47% 3.46% 3.45%

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Reverse Mortgages after death

INTRODUCTION I received a call the other day asking how houses with reverse mortgages are handled after death. Reverse mortgages are just mortgages.  Thus the mortgage has no bearing on what procedure is used after death to clear title to an asset. BACKGROUND In the beginning (1960′s and 1970′s) reverse mortgages often had draconian repercussions […]

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