TSA Precheck Helps you avoid airport lines

For the last few years there have been different options to try and avoid the line at airport security checkpoints. The latest, run by the federal government, seems to have the best chance of success. It’s the TSA Precheck. You can sign up online at this link.

No it’s not directly related to estate planning but I have a lot of readers who travel frequently. Some for work and some for pleasure. Either way avoiding the long TSA lines is something all of my readers can appreciate.

The cost to sign up is $85. It appears that is a one time fee. You have to go get finger printed. Make sure you take your ID and your passport (or other second ID source).  You can make an appointment to avoid a long wait at the signup center.

Get your life in order! Get your Precheck and get your estate planning done as well!

Safe travels. -John Palley

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