We fix $499 Trusts

I was reading the paper the other day and I saw an ad for a $499 trust. This blog post is not specifically saying that trust company is bad because I have no idea. That $499 trust may be the best trust of all time. However, seeing the ad reminded me that you really shouldn’t […]

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Ten characteristics of a good trustee

When I go through the estate planning questionnaire with a client I suggest they think long and hard before selecting their trustee. In fact, if they hesitate for a split second when naming someone I ask about it. For example, they might say, “well our son is probably our first choice… well… ahhh….”  The second […]

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Starting probate as a creditor

I have a new case where the decedent’s son contacted me about starting a probate. He wasn’t quite ready as he had other things going on in life. Well, last week he called, in a panic, because one of his mom’s creditors had started probate! That’s right. A creditor, in a California probate, can start […]

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